Maruthua Poshak Plus

Maruthua Poshak Plus is a new formula enriched with medicinal herbs and nutritious fruits. Today, men of all ages have a common concern about how to maintain a healthy physique in spite of the ill effects of daily stress on their body. Maruthua Poshak Plus is the answer for you! With the blessings of Ayurveda, Poshak Plus ensures to restore the weakened body with its unique blend of nutrients, guaranteeing no side effects. Poshak Plus provides men exactly what they desire - strength, beauty, immunity, and enhanced memory power-all in one pack! Regular intake of Poshak Plus promises to provide men the strong and healthy lifestyle they always dreamt of.

Sathavari 10gm
Naikurana (Sudhi)10gm
Kacholam 10gm
Palmudukku 10gm
Eanthapazham 10gm
Munthiringa 10gm
Nelikka 10gm
Amukkuram (Sudhi) 10gm
Kurunthotti 10gm
Nilapanna 10gm
Koduveli (Sudhi) 10gm
Ayamodakam 5gm
Jathipathri 5gm
Karimjeerakam 5gm
Elam 5gm
Uzhunnu 10gm
Koova 10gm
Elavarngam 5gm
Pachila 5gm
Erattimadhuram 5gm
Nagappoovu 5gm
Neyyu 5gm
Njerinjil 5gm
Panchasara 10gm
Then 5gm
Sarkara 10gm
Usage instructions:: 
A tablespoon full of Maruthua Poshak Plus after breakfast and dinner gives you the best results.
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