• Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam

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    Usage instructions:

    A tablespoon full of Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam after breakfast and dinner gives you the best results.

    Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam is an ancient formula of herbal ingredients based on the authentic texts of Sahasrayogam, combined to form one of the best health supplements for women of all ages. Common problems like flat breasts, hollow cheeks, and unattractive curves are no more a headache! Consumption of this health tonic is particularly proven to transform lean women to ones with perfect physique and body contours, a figure that all women have always desired to possess. Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam is an excellent supplement for women suffering from gastric and reproductive ailments and essential during pregnancy and postnatal period. Its unique combination of ingredients is beneficial for women trying to conceive and for breast-feeding mothers. Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam contains the best of milk and ghee with 18 proven herbal ingredients. It can be consumed by women as a protein balancer as well. All in all, Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam has proven to be an essential therapeutic enhancer for today's women around India.

    • Cedrus Deodara
    • Cuminum Cyminum
    • Saussurea Lappa
    • Piper Longum
    • Corander Sativium
    • Piper Mullesua
    • Sphaeranthus Indicus
    • Anaethum Graveolens
    • Carum Carvi
    • Pimpinellum Anisum
    • Cassia Oxydentalis
    • Apium Graveolens
    • Cyperus Rotundus
    • Hyscyamus Niger
    • Plumbago Rosea
    • Zingiber Officianlis
    • Ferula Asafoedita
    • Milk (Lactus)
    • Ghee and Guda
  • Maruthua Poshak Plus

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    Usage instructions:

    A tablespoon full of Maruthua Poshak Plus after breakfast and dinner gives you the best results.

    Maruthua Poshak Plus is a new formula enriched with medicinal herbs and nutritious fruits. Today, men of all ages have a common concern about how to maintain a healthy physique in spite of the ill effects of daily stress on their body. Maruthua Poshak Plus is the answer for you! With the blessings of Ayurveda, Poshak Plus ensures to restore the weakened body with its unique blend of nutrients, guaranteeing no side effects. Poshak Plus provides men exactly what they desire - strength, beauty, immunity, and enhanced memory power-all in one pack! Regular intake of Poshak Plus promises to provide men the strong and healthy lifestyle they always dreamt of.

    • Sathavari 10gm
    • Naikurana (Sudhi)10gm
    • Kacholam 10gm
    • Palmudukku 10gm
    • Eanthapazham 10gm
    • Munthiringa 10gm
    • Nelikka 10gm
    • Amukkuram (Sudhi) 10gm
    • Kurunthotti 10gm
    • Nilapanna 10gm
    • Koduveli (Sudhi) 10gm
    • Ayamodakam 5gm
    • Jathipathri 5gm
    • Karimjeerakam 5gm
    • Elam 5gm
    • Uzhunnu 10gm
    • Koova 10gm
    • Elavarngam 5gm
    • Pachila 5gm
    • Erattimadhuram 5gm
    • Nagappoovu 5gm
    • Neyyu 5gm
    • Njerinjil 5gm
    • Panchasara 10gm
    • Then 5gm
    • Sarkara 10gm
  • Maruthua Mydays

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    Usage instructions:

    For pain and stress: One table spoon for two times a day.For severe pain: One table spoon for three times a day for five consecuitive days starting from one day ahead of periods.

    Maruthua Mydays is a product manufactured exclusively for ladies undergoing menstrual-related stress, abnormalities and irregularities. For a large number of women, the discomfort caused by painful menstruation/heavy periods makes it difficult to perform normal household chores, office work, or school-related activities for a few days during each menstrual cycle. Painful menstruation is the leading cause of lost time from school and work among women in their teens to the 30s. Women no longer need to worry now as Ayurveda has stepped in once again to provide the desired solution for these women, sustaining natural integrity. Derived from natural herbs, the solution that Ayurveda offers in the form of Maruthua Mydays suggests a cure that does not disrupt the harmonic integration of chemicals in the human body.

    • Ashoka (Saraca Indica) 20gm
    • Lodhra (Symplocos Racemosa) 20gm
    • Chandana (Santalum album) 20gm
    • Rekthachandana (Pterocarpus santalinus) 20gm
    • Vasa (Adathoda vasica) 20gm
    • Sathavari (Asparagus racemosus) 20gm
    • Gokshura (Tribulusterrestris) 20gm
    • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) 20gm
    • Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) 20gm
    • Padha (Cycleapeltata) 20gm
    • Jambu (Zyzigium camini) 20gm
    • Salmali (Bombax pentadrum) 20gm
    • Manjashta (Rubia cordifolia) 20gm
    • Padmam (Nelumbo nucifera) 20gm
    • Sariba (Hemidesmus indicus) 20gm
    • Yashti (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 20gm
    • Draksha (Vitis vinifera) 20gm
    • Madhu (Mel)
    • Ikshu (Saccarum officinarum) 30gm
  • Chukku Caapi

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    Usage instructions:

     Maruthua Chukku Caapi is an age-old traditional drink of Kerala which uses spices like dry ginger, peppercorns, herbs like Tulsi, and mixed with jaggery. It is quite strong with the combination of spicy and sweet flavors and helps to alleviate cough, cold, mild fever, throat infections, and nasal congestions. Additionally the dry ginger/chukku has digestive properties and a cup of Chukka Caapi can help you after a heavy meal

    • Palm Jaggery, Tulsi, Black pepper and dry ginger