Based on the Panchakarma treatment advised by the doctors that best suits your body type for prevention or cure of your illnesses, the below packages are prescribed.



    Shirovasthi is an authentic Aryuvedic treatment that acts as a cure for many diseases. Head-, face- and central nervous system-related diseases are usually eliminated after this treatment .... View more



    In this treatment process, medicated rice (Njavara rice) is tied up in the form of boluses in muslin bags and these are applied externally over the body. This procedure is highly .... View more



    Podhikizhi belongs to a group of Ayurvedic treatments of high repute called Swedanakarma. This is a type of Swedana Chikitsa (fomentation) wherein medicated powders are made into poultice .... View more

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    Dhanyakizhi is a method of therapeutic sweating. 'Dhanyam' means 'grains' and 'kizhi' means boluses or Pinda (roundish mass; body). Method: This is a form of treatment in which powdered .... View more


    Jambeera Pinda Swedam

    Jambeera Pinda Swedam (Narangakizhi) is a method of therapeutic sweating. In this procedure, lime poultice are used to give fomentation and massage all over the body or any specific parts .... View more

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    Pedicure and Manicure

    The Ayurvedic pedicure and manicure is an all-seasons treatment that will give the ultimate care that your arms and legs deserve. Your hands are constantly being tainted and damaged with .... View more


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